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I use the Emacs text editor and its visual-line-mode to edit the Gemtext of this site, and the Lichen Content Management System to render it to static HTML files, using a Forth program run using Gforth, GNU Forth 0.7.3 (NOT the bleeding edge version), and a couple of bash scripts to run the Forth program.





GNU Gforth home page

Gforth version 0.7.3

Gforth home page, with bleeding edge version

I use Emacs and some home-brewed emacs lisp functions to create new blog posts (and keep the blog and sub-blog indexes up-to-date). I don't really have really have this separated out for other people to use, so you might have to trawl through my other Emacs Lisp init files for some supporting functions.

tkb-microblog.el, my homebrewed Emacs Lisp stuf to create new posts and keep the blog and sub-blog indexes up-to-date.

My Emacs Lisp init files

I recently added Atom feeds generated from the Gemtext indexes of the blog and sub-blog portions of this site. The program I use to generate them is gmi-html-atom, and is available in the Tools directory of the Git repository I use for this site and microblog. It is written in CHICKEN Scheme, a very pragmatic and useful Scheme implementation.


Microblog Git Repository


The Scheme programming language

And even more recently I've finally made this available as a capsule in geminispace, using the gemini server software Germinal, which is written in Common Lisp. And I used gemcert to create the SSL certificate and key needed for a gemini server. in geminispace


Common Lisp



Why this blog/site?

Why use Scheme?