2024-01-21 19:53:30-05:00 - Sudden Interest in Wargames?

I've always had an interest in mass combat in tabletop games, but previously it's mostly been limited to abstract systems like GURPS Mass Combat, or mass combat in Savage Worlds. Recently, probably due to playing Melee and Wizard, and buying the Metagaming board/hex and chits wargame The Lords of Underearth, I've gotten interest in actual wargames of both the board/hex-and-chits and miniatures varieties.

GURPS Mass Combat

Savage Worlds



Lords of Underearth at Wikipedia

The Lords of Underearth at BoardGameGeek

I'm still not interested in painting miniatures, so amassing a collection of metal or plastic miniatures for wargaming is probably not part of my future — I've got no room in my house for all the books I current own, much less a collection of wargames miniatures — but I think I can work something minimalist out with cardboard miniatures. I'm planning on printing out a free PDF that recreates the counters and map of The Lords of Underearth and gluing them to something stiff to make them easy to use. (I'd rather not play with the original counters and board because my set is already missing some counters.) I've also gotten a copy of Hordes of the Things to try out a miniatures wargame. I'd like to combine HotT with a RPG campaign…

Hordes of the Things at Wikipedia

Hordes of the Things 2.1 at Amazon