2023-10-13 15:13:52-04:00 - How do the Dolmenwood Core Rules differ from B/X or OSE?

I'm a backer of the Dolmenwood Tabletop RPG Kickstarter, and I have liked what I've seen of it so far.

Dolmenwood Tabletop RPG

One common question is how different are the Dolmenwood Core Rules going to be from B/X D&D or Old School Essentials? There's a useful blog post at Necrotic Gnome that discusses this, and I'm linking it here so it will be easy for me to reference:

Dolmenwood Core Rules

There is also slightly order archived copy at archive.org:

Dolmenwood Core Rules at Archive.org

Old School Essentials

B/X D&D aka Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, 1981 revision