2023-02-06 22:16:00-05:00 - How I Edit This Blog

Updated: 2023-06-27 10:00:24-04:00

I use GNU Emacs, of course.

GNU Emacs

The file tkb-microblog.el contains everything I wrote to support editing these blog posts:


When I execute the tkb-microblog function it prompts me for the blog post title, then asks what sub-blogs I want to add it to, if any. Then it adds a link to the new blog post file to the main blog index and each of the sub-blog indexes I specified, creating them if necessary.

The function tkb-find-file-hook makes sure that I edit gemtext files (which end in .gmi) with visual-line-mode on and auto-fill-mode off, because gemini browsers wraps long lines, unless they are preformatted text, and paragraphs are indicated by newlines. (Blank lines add space between paragrahs.) I also have a minor mode that rebinds M-q (which is normally bound to fill-paragraph) to a function that tells the user not to do that, because the lines are not supposed to be filled.

Anyway, I think it works well.

Amusingly, right now tkb-microblog.el is 131 lines, about 26% the size of the Lichen CMS, at 494 lines, that I use to render the gemtext of this blog to HTML.