2023-01-15 23:03-05:00 - Mini Six Middle Sea Game, session 4

I got to run another session today of the Middle Sea Mini Six game I've been running for the kids, the fourth session, online. They've been taking an in-depth approach, so it's taking more time that I anticipated, in an enjoyable way. They travelled to the Votlem Range seeking the abandoned temple of Saphira, getting directions in a remote village. Along the way they see an albino stag and end up fighting the wolves that were following it. The next day they see the stag again, and it leads them more directly to the temple than their previous instructions would have taken them. The temple is in a maple tree that is over 100 feet in diameter! They figure out how to open the temple doors and explored it, finding a pool of healing water, a mysterious bumble bee, a room with remains of ritual robes and some silver medallions, secret passages, a throne with a secret compartment containing a book telling how to invoke the oracle, and a stairway to a deeper level, where they started to explore further but all but Locryn and Iria were driven back to the upper level by frightening misty green apparitions of women.