2023-01-01 00:01:00-05:00 - The New Year is Here!

We've been investigating (and terrifying) smugglers, racing dinosaurs, and engaging in gladitorial combat (though not to the death)!

14:23-05:00 - Cults, Undead, and Ziggurats in Old Port Nyanzaru

After competing in the Arena, we continued looking for fragments of the artificat, being approached to deal with a cult of deranged Grungs, rescue a rescue party trying to retrieve kidnapped citizens, and in the process murdering cultists, sending undead to their final rest, and finding a person of evil magic intent on feeding their undead on us!

23:12-05:00 - Books Read in 2022

I read 568 books in 2022. My books read per day average was about 1.556.