2022-12-23 13:50:00-05:00 - Mini Six Middle Sea Game, session 3

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After a hiatus of 1 year and 195 days I got to run another session of the Mini Six Middle Sea game I'm running for the “kids”, face to face! (They're all grown, but I still call them that.) Anyway, this time they continued following up information about the prophecy by being introduced by Maeloc to Nessa Vivyan, who looks at the scroll and tells them the it prophesies that the Eye of Zetha, a relic of the ancient malevolent goddess Zetha, will once again lead the land into darkness, unless someone uses the Hammer of Torgoth to defeat the Eye of Zetha, and says that the references to an oracle that rests beneath the boughs of of a maple tree probably refers to the temple of Saphira, an ancient goddess of harvest and growth, whose long abandoned temple is in a huge maple tree in a valley in the dangerous Votlem Range a week's travel south east of Korianthor.

Then they investigating the Sanguine Sons and their leader Nikos Pamboridis and their involvement in the prophecy. They surveil Nikos's house, and discover that while normal visitors come to the front door a bunch of very unsavory, criminal looking, folks come to the back door. Investigating leads them to the headquarters of what turns out to be the headquarters of a criminal gang, the Ravens, who have been gaining influence. In the process of figuring this out they trade their promise to Cyprien Glafcou, the leader of another gang, to help that gang break into a hard target.

On their way back to their lodgings they are ambushed by thugs, and murder them all easily.