2021-06-11 16:23:00-05:00 - Mini Six Middle Sea Game, session 2

The next day they split up to investigate.

Anaoc, Brannok, Morwen, and Treave went to the First Pepper, to listen to the political discussion. Anaoc noticed some people seem to be conspiring, more than one group. Treave talked to several people and figures out there are at least four different known conspiracies, with one of them a conspiracy of a demagogue, a bunch of nobles, and surprising, perhaps a criminal gang. Anaoc used ESP on someone (Vaso Anastillis) and found out the Sanguine Sons are group of young, discontent, second-son or succeeding (only the first born inherits) noble scion who are supporting unpleasant political figures and are intimidating, beating, and murdering their opponents. Nikos Pamboridis is a noble, and Vaso thinks of someone he knew who was beaten to death when the PCs asked about him, but only said he lives by himself in small but impressive house near the house of his family, which is lead by Fotis Pamboridis. Treave asked about the blood symbol and Vaso said there is a group murdering people and leaving three stylized blood drops on a scrap of parchment on the bodies.

Ryd, Locryn, Greeth, and Bersaba went to the forum to find out about the scroll and Nessa. Locryn found a scholar, Maeloc Minear, who is knowledgeable about languages, and treated him to drinks at the Friendly Owl, a scholar's bar (tea & herbal infusions). He told the PCs a little about the scroll, and turned out to have a friend Nessa Vivyan (**!**) who could tell them more. The PCs speculated that this is the Nessa of the note, and told Maeloc of the assassin and suggested that Nessa may also be in danger. Maeloc decided to accompany them to visit Nessa.

It is mid-afternoon. The PCs are split up, and haven't gone anywhere yet.

That's where it ended.