2021-06-04 16:15:00-05:00 - Mini Six Middle Sea Game, session 1

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The PCs stayed at a coaching in on the way to Korianthor, the Jewel of the Southern Continent. The PCs woke in the middle of the night to screaming and found another patron just being killed by an assassin. The PCs captured the assassin and Anaoc Rosewarne interrogated him using ESP. He turned out to be Mairi Vitalelli, sent by a wealthy noble with a smirk, associated in his mind somehow with three blood drops, and seeking a scroll case. Searching him they found a note signed NP (probably Nikos Pamboridis; see ESP!) with three stylized blood drops telling him where and when and who. The PCs searched, and found the scroll cached above a loose board in the ceiling. The scroll was covered in glyphs that nobody can read, but the scroll case has a note as well — “My dear fellow, can you have found it at last? Bring it to me in Korianthor and we will see if there is any way to escape the prophecy! — Nessa”. There is a quick trial and Mairi was hung with a short drop.

They arrived in Korianthor during the Festival of Masks (like Mardi Gras or Carnival in Venice), when plain masks are worn during the day and elaborite masks are worn at night. Everybody bought two masks. They found lodging at The Green Dragon, then went to the forum to enjoy the Festival, observed a gang of thieves at work there. Ryd approached the leader of the gang, Cyprien Glafcou, and impressed him and found out Nikos Pamboridis was of a “political persuasion” and gave the name of the tavern which he said attracted like souls. In the forum they met Treave Carwithin, Bersaba Kitto, Morwen Polglaze, and Locryn Treglown, and suggested they also stay at the Green Dragon.